Bluebone Furniture

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Bluebone Furniture is of the highest quality with bold and quirky designs that are bursting with personality - where nature meets elegance.

Bluebone Furniture combines contemporary styling, bold visuals, experimental silhouettes and utilisation of textures to create standout living and dining furniture that truly sets itself apart.

They are creators of unique and extraordinary furniture with design-led ranges of oak, mango, teak, reclaimed timber and french style painted furniture in sumptuous colours.

Bluebone offers a mix of industrial, reclaimed, antique and modern furniture for your home and garden with bespoke options being available in selected ranges.

Bluebone has an admirable reputation in the furniture world for innovative design, quality of manufacture and materials.

They have mastered the art of layering organic textures and surfaces to create wonderful & unique pieces of furniture.

Don't be surprised to see materials such as reclaimed wood, metals, cement, woven rattan and raffia, chenille and moleskin alongside solid timber and vegan leather.

You can rest assured that each piece of Bluebone furniture will be a delight to own and will serve its purpose for many years to come.