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King Size Beds are quite literally the king of the bed world - and if you are lucky enough to have space in your bedroom to fit in a king size bed - it can be well worth upgrading! As well as being available in some stunning designs, there are actually quite a lot of scientific (ish) reasons to upgrade from a double bed to a king size bed.


Studies have shown that couples sleep much better in a double bed, not touching each other and getting in each others way when sleep is needed. Another reason why a jump to a king size bed is worth it, is the fact that a standard double bed only gives two feet, three inches width to sleep in. Considering the average person tosses and turns up to 70 times a night - this extra room is invaluable when not wanting to touch.


Studies have also shown that those sleeping in king size beds for the first time, massively vote in favour of staying in a king size bed - reporting a better night's sleep then a comparable night in a double bed.


Of course, size is not the only reason to choose a king size bed. At Right Deals UK, we have sourced a fantastic range of king size beds which are available in a range of contemporary and traditional styles, many of which are absolutely packed with functionality. King Size Ottoman Beds are popular options with many customers, with under the mattress storage being a popular choice.


You can view our full range of discount king size beds above - and as always, please get in touch if you have any questions at all.