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Divan Beds

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The Divan Bed is one of the most popular styles of bed within the UK, and for good reason too. A Divan Bed combines both excellent storage, as well as excellent value - giving the owner the best of both worlds. Every Divan Bed is designed to be a storage solution in its own right, making it absolutely perfect for use in smaller bedrooms and spaces - which require the maximum discreet storage.


A Divan Bed typically includes a base, which is split into two parts - usually made out of wood, the two parts of the wooden base typically contain drawer storage space and have a solid top, giving the mattress great levels of support - ensuring all night comfort and support. As these beds boast such an innovative design, many of our customers wrongly assume that Divan Beds are a modern invention, when they was actually created in Persia, approximately 800 years ago for the first time - gaining popularity in the UK, in Victorian times.


At Right Deals UK, we source and supply a fantastic range of Divan Beds in a wide range of colours and designs, which are perfect for children’s and adults bedrooms alike - you can view the full range above and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.