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An Ottoman Bed is simply the perfect storage bed and the ultimate piece of space saving furniture for any bedroom.
A fantastic choice for anybody looking for a stylish, high quality bed which also provides out of sight, and effective storage.
Ottoman Beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms, where beds with drawers do not have enough room at either side of the bed to open fully.

Ottoman Beds work by the top of the bed lifting up with the storage being directly underneath the mattress.
Pistons or gas struts take the weight of the mattress both on its rise up and its movement back down.
The gas lift arms allow you to both lift and lower the bed at a controlled speed and with minimal effort.

The bed frame will remain upright once lifted to give you both hands free to remove or store items underneath.
Once the bed frame is lifted up, you can use the under-bed storage area to store everything from bedding to toys. As well as being a very effective storage space it is also very secure and incredibly discreet.

Side Lift Ottoman Beds
Side opening ottoman beds, as the name suggests open from the side instead of the end of the bed. The under bed storage is accessed from the side of the bed frame. Side lift ottoman beds can feel lighter to lift and you don't have as far to stretch to reach the opposite side. If the layout of your bedroom makes it easier to open the the bed from the side, then a side lift ottoman bed will make perfect sense.

End Lift Ottoman Beds
This is the standard ottoman bed design. The traditional ottoman storage bed that opens from the foot end. If the layout of your bedroom makes it easier to open the the bed from the bottom, then an end lift ottoman bed will make perfect sense.

Ottoman Beds also come in a wide variety of styles, solid wood, fabric and faux leather being the most popular ranges.
You can buy ottoman beds at Right Deals UK in the following sizes: 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft6 double and 5ft kingsize.
Due to the ever increasing popularity of ottoman beds some ranges are also available in 6ft super king.

You can view the full range here, and as always - just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.